Gas 1981

No cover art for Gas
Directed by
Les Rose
Susan AnspachJane Beardsley
Howie MandelMatt Lloyd
Sterling HaydenDuke Stuyvesant
Helen ShaverRhonda
Sandee CurrieSarah Marshal
Peter AykroydEd Marshal
Keith KnightIra
Alf HumphreysLou Picard
Philip AkinLincoln Jones
Michael HoganGuido Vespucci
Paul KelmanNino Vespucci
les_roseDonald SutherlandNick the Noz
Dustin WalnEarl Stuyvesant
Vlasta VranaBaron Stuyvesant
Harvey ChaoLee Kwan
Briane NasimokFawsi Ibn Fawsi
Violet BusseyMrs. Botts
Vincent MarinoUncle Leo
Carl MarotteBobby
Robert ParsonOfficer Ordway
Richard DonatFred
Domenico FioreVespucci Hood #1
Dino TosquesVespucci Hood #2
Arthur GrosserLester Fenway
Dieto KretzschmarJuggler
Gershon ResnikYassir
Walter MasseyMajor Bright
Jeff DiamondGasoline Bandit
Mac BraddenWREQ Announcer
Terry HaigReporter (Refinery) #1
Ralph PettofrezzoWREQ Staffer #1
Joe SanzaWREQ Staffer
Joost DavidsonWREQ Floor Director
Tony AngeloVespucci Guard
Tony NardiPlant Manager
George WilsonCorvette Queen
Barry Edward Blake
Kirsten BishopBobby's Girlfriend
Rollie NincheriRhonda's First John
Steve MichaelsRhonda's First Customer
Michael MololeyIrate Driver at Holdup
Armand MonroeCustomer at Holdup
Carolyn MaxwellSquealing Girl
Caroline PlamondonScreaming Woman
Charles Biddles Jr.Black Car Thief
Malcolm NelthorpePoliceman
Walker BooneGangster 1 (Dutch)
Sam MontesanoRabbi
Norris DominguePriest
Lawrence SteinbergGangster 2 (Sammy)
Pierre LemieuxReligious Person
Linda LonnFenway's Secretary
Robert BlaisGlasstruck Driver
Roger Hroux
Richard ComarFrench Waiter 2
Lyne FournierWoman With the Carriage
Marcel FournierMan at the Newspaper Stand
Pierre GiardFire Engine Driver
Andr St-Jean
Kim FowlerVoice Over Talent
Joey SheckVoice Over Talent
John Moskar Jr.Voice Over Talent
Mel PralgoVoice Over Talent
Patricia BrotmanVoice Over Talent
John PostVoice Over Talent
Mike MonahanVoice Over Talent
Barbara GoodsonVoice Over Talent
Sam StoneCabbie
 94 minutes (1 hrs 34 mins)

Gas R age rating 
Release dates
US release date
 US release:
24th July 1981
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17th Mar 2016
Last viewed:
30th Sep 2022
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